My Pile of Stuff

Do shipping costs annoy you? Especially if you buy a small item or buy frequently? 

Gerrutcamaro.nl offers his customers a simple solution; My pile of stuff. 
You can store bought items in our warehouse until you decide to ship them. This way you only pay shipping once!

It goes like this: if you are ready to buy an item, add it to your shopping cart, mark the box that states "add to my pile of stuff". During step two no shipping costs will be added. Check your order, choose your payment method and confirm your order. After your payment has been received, your order will be added to my pile of stuff in your account. 

If you are ready to have your items sent, select them in your account and complete the order process to pay for shipping. Pre-orders can only be sent after they've come in stock. 

There is no time limit for storing your items. We store your items for as long as you want. However, we want to point out that items in my pile of stuff must be payed upon ordering. If payment isn't received within a week, your order will be canceled and the item(s) will be removed. 
  • Groot assortiment vintage & nieuwe Transformers.
  • Wij kopen ook collecties.
  • Verzending wereldwijd.
  • Vaste verzendtarieven.
  • Verzending vanuit de EU, geen import tax.
  • 'Mijn stapel met spullen' bespaar op verzendkosten.

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