Who or what is Gerrutcamaro.nl?

Gerrutcamaro.nl is an internet toy store located in Assendelft, in the Netherlands, that sells new and used Transformers toys and related products.

Do you ship international and what would it cost if you do so?

Yes, we gladly ship anywhere in the world, you can find the prices here

How do i pay for my purchase?

We at Gerrutcamaro.nl accept Paypal or an IBAN/BIC bankwire for international payments, we do NOT accept cash by mail or money orders / cashiers cheques

Does my purchase come with a warrantee?

Yes, all products have a warrantee and the delivery of the package has insurance and some sort on tracking (may not be online, depending on your location). Please contact us at info@gerrutcamaro.nl if there is any problem with your purchase and a suitable solution will be offered.

Is it possible to exchange my purchase?

Yes, all purchases can be exchanged within 7 working days after delivery.

Are all the boxed items new?

No, not necessarily, some used items come with their original packaging, please refer to the item's describtion for the condition ot the item.

How can i contact Gerrutcamaro.nl?

Please contact us at info@gerrutcamaro.nl for any inquiries. Please refrain form using the phone number unless you speak and understand dutch.

What's a Pre Order?

A Pre Order is a way for customers to reserve an item before its release, this is the most sure way to obtain an item with the package in the best condition. We can not guarantee that any Pre Order item will become available through the webshop as a regular item, sometimes only small numbers remain after all Pre Orders are filled and the item will be sold out soon. All Pre Orders must be paid at the time of placing the order.

The Item's describtion mentions the item being complete, what exactly does that mean?

We at Gerrutcamaro.nl describe an item as complete when it has all accessoires it had upon release. Instructions, pamphlets and original packaging are only included if they are pictured or mentioned in the item's describtion

What is 'my stack of stuff'?

'my stack of stuff' is a way for customers to save on shipping, when you place an order you can decide not to ship the items but have them stored on a Lay Away basis and you can request to have them shipped whenever you want to. You can manage 'my stack of stuff' through your account at Gerrutcamaro.nl

What's a promotional code?

A Promotional code (or actie code) is a way to provide a discount to a certain customer or to promote a certain item of event.

Are the items sold by Gerrutcamaro.nl suitable for childeren?

Because of the age of some items and the lack of a proper age advice on others, Gerrutcamaro.nl recommends his products for children and adults of 16 years and older

What is a Third Party Product?

A Third Party Product is an item made by someone else than the brand owner and without their consent. These items should not be considered Transformers.

I have a complaint, now what?

If an item is not as expected after receipt or if you have other comments on the service, please email info@gerrutcamaro.nl

You will then normally receive a response within 24 hours (within 14 days at the latest) that your complaint has been received and you will receive an indication when you can receive a solution for your complaint. In most cases, a solution can be offered immediately, and you can always cancel your purchase within the trial period of 14 days. If you cannot come to a solution with us, you also have the option of reporting your complaint to the European ODR platform (http://ec.europa.eu/odr).






















  • Groot assortiment vintage & nieuwe Transformers.
  • Wij kopen ook collecties.
  • Verzending wereldwijd.
  • Vaste verzendtarieven.
  • Verzending vanuit de EU, geen import tax.
  • 'Mijn stapel met spullen' bespaar op verzendkosten.

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